CF Personal Training recognises that nutrition is a key part of weight loss and performance. Correct exercise prescription plays a part in achieving the goals set for the individual, but if the body is fuelled incorrectly the results can be affected dramatically. There are many dieting solutions on the market, whether through weight clubs, media or the internet. What must be considered is why there are so many diets on the market, and if one in particular works then why doesn’t everybody use the same one?

Our view is that everyone’s body is different with different likes and dislikes, but the route to results is to expend more calories than you intake. The problem that most people have is understanding the basics of what they are eating. With so many contradicting diets on the market it’s no wonder the nation is confused.

The whole principle of CF Personal Training is to encourage a sustainable lifestyle change rather than yoyo dieting. All new clients have a food diary which is analysed on a weekly basis, giving realistic suggestions to the diet ensuring a gradual change rather than a radical one. There are no “quick fixes” when it comes to health and fitness. The body takes time to adjust to exercise as it does to a new eating regime. It is for that reason that CF Personal Training spends time with the client to ensure these changes are in place. So, with the combination of effective training programmes and good sensible nutritional advice, the client will achieve there desired goals. THIS IS A WAY OF LIFE.